"Thanks to you, I avoided a catastrophe. I had received several bids on a project but I was unsure who to pick because this was my first project and it was a $2000 decision. I found your book just before I was about to bid and you saved me from hiring a crook coder. I hired a different coder than the one I was considering. Then three days later I checked the profile of the first coder and found that in three days he had lost three arbitrations and his rating was now a 3. I am so glad I found your book before I made a $2000 mistake."

Claire Jones, Sacramento CA.

Trying to make money or hire people on freelance sites like rent-a-coder, elance.com or guru.com?

There is a right way and a wrong way to do it. If you hire someone the wrong way or if you respond to a job bid and do not know the secret etiquette of these sites, you may lose money instead of making it.

The first program I ever used Rent-A-Coder to create cost me $200 and I have made about $400,000.00 from sales in the past few years!!! How is that for turnover.

The second program I had written cost me $500 and I never made a penny because it did not work right, the programmer was incompetent. I should have known it from his original bid response, all the warning signs were there but I did not know what they were at that time.

Only later, after hiring countless coders, writers, and others did I start to make a list of methods to identify good people to hire and bad people to avoid.

If you want to hire someone to work on a project you hope to make money from then I can show you how to do it. I do it every day. I can show you a trap phrase you can include in your bid request that will immediately help you filter out the serious coders from the morons who bid on every job without reading them.

If you are a coder, writer, web designer, or another remote worker, I can also show you how to get high paying jobs on these sites. You no longer have to beg for jobs. Buyers will come running to you but only if you know the right things to say in your bid.

Do you want to hire a coder, web designer, or writer who can make you a lot of money? Do you want to avoid losing money on bad or dishonest workers? Do you want to be a successful coder, web designer, or ghostwriter? Then I can show you how to make it happen.

My name is Michael Ford and I am a software developer. I do not program myself, I hire people to do it for me. I have hired hundreds of coders through sites like these. I have seen all the tricks and scams that go with these sites too. If you do not know how they work, and how to hire a good coder, then you might as well pull up a chair in the bathroom and watch your money swirl down the toilet as you flush it away.

Maybe you have already hired a coder or writer and got ripped off. They conned you into approving code that was not working, or you felt pressured to accept something different than what you thought you were purchasing. Maybe you were scammed by a coder who told you he wanted royalties when he was not legally entitled to them. Perhaps you ran into one of the professional crooks who specialize in doing half the job for half the pay? Maybe your coder just stopped responding or your code was useless junk.

All of these happen and all have happened to me. But, you can't give up on sites like Rent-A-Coder, Guru, and ELance. There are too many coders who are willing to work for chickenfeed and do a good job. Let's face it, we are all here to make money. If you are a coder/writer or a buyer looking to hire a coder/writer, you are looking at these hire-someone-for-something sites because you want to make money. I know I like making money and the more I make, the more I like it. It would be wonderful if every job went smoothly and the coder delivered what they promised, but that is not how the real world works, at least that is what I thought. It turns out that you can avoid bad coders if you know what to look for and I am not talking about their past feedback. Feedback is easily faked on these sites. The problem is, how do you know which coder is good and which is not BEFORE you hire them?

If you are here then you already know that hiring a coder or writer is a tricky venture and if you pick wrong you may be scammed out of your money or even worse, you may waste months of your time while an incompetent programmer strings you along.

I got Scammed!!!!

I will admit it. I was scammed by a coder. I hired a coder for a $7,000.00 programming job contract after finding them through Rent-A-Coder. Everything looked good to me, they talked a good game, and in the end they took a job that was supposed to be finished in 6 months, and at 12 months they were not close to completing it and at that point they were taking a month between every update. I had been paying them at certain completion points but I was uncomfortable because they kept saying they were making more progress than they appeared to me to be making.

I found out that after they accepted my job, they then sub-contracted the job out to a coder who was completely incompetent and had no programming experience. He did a terrible job and they did nothing but lie and try to cover up. They would not even admit they hired him but his name was in the About box instead of my company name in the software they were supposed to be programming for me. When I said I wanted to cancel the contract they sent me non working code and claimed the job was finished and threatened to sue me if I did not hand over the rest of the money. They were still in early beta stages the day before, then the day after I say I want to cancel, they say they are finished and I must pay them the remaining $2000 without any testing and without the program even working. I did not pay the last $2000. But, I was scammed out of $5000 of my money before I realized they were professional con artists.

Today I know the signs that help me identify these types of fraudsters. I know the trick questions to ask to make them reveal themselves before I pay them one cent. You must also know these secrets if you are going to make money using coders, web designers, or writers.

Do you want to know something really scary? This same development firm that scammed me out of $5k is not only still working on RAC, but RAC actually endorses them and posts the company on their main web page!! They are endorsing a company that they know to be a sham! I told them the company was nothing but a con job, and they said 'sorry you were unhappy'. Why do they do this? Because the company generates large commissions for them. You cannot trust the sites to police the members for you. You must know how to separate good and bad workers, good and bad buyers.

You may think that after that experience I would quit using any of these anonymous hire-some-for-something sites. No, I came back and learned how to avoid these scam artists. Remember, this is about making money. I may have to put up with some shenanigans sometimes but in the end I expect to make a lot of money from my projects. As a result I have a thriving software business and I almost always have at least two coders working for me at any given time. As of this writing, I have a voice over artist, a ghost writer, and two programmers working on projects right now! I learned how to hire good workers on these sites, avoid bad coders, protect myself, my business and my money.

That is when I realized that other people still did not know how to use these sites to their advantage. They, by which I mean YOU, are still being scammed. Some of these con artist coders are so clever, you may not even realize you were scammed. You may hire a coder for $1000 and he turns around and hires your project out to some unqualified coder in India for $100 while he takes the credit and the profits. There are ways you can tell if this is happening. Your coder may slap together code that works but it has no error trapping, or it crashes when left running, or any number of other things that you do not realize until after you have paid them, when it is too late.

You may have a project you need Ghostwritten, or software you need fixed or written from scratch. These projects can make you a lot of money if they are done right. If they are wrong, if your coder inserts trojan code in your project, if they waste your time, it costs you money. You can avoid these problems if you know the secret to identifying good coders. It took me a long time to figure out and document all of the tricks used by bad coders, but once I had a list, I knew how to spot them almost 100% of the time. Today I focus on making profits and not on worrying about whether or not a coder will finish my project.

Don't put off learning what you need to know in order to be successful as a buyer or seller on these sites. The next job could turn into a nightmare or a waste of time. Either way, you lose money. You want to make money from these sites, not lose it. I can show you how before your next bid.

If you have not yet hired a coder, or not yet taken a job then don't let me scare you off. Hiring someone online is no different than hiring someone in the real world. You just have to know how to identify people with the skills you need and avoid the others. It is not complicated at all and I can give you a simple checklist you can use to pick a good coder, web person, or writer to do the work you need done.

I know that it can be scary to think about losing $5000, or even $500 or even $50 but I can help you to avoid those bad scenarios. That is why I am offering my experience. You can use the know-how I have developed from hiring hundreds of online workers for your very first job. Avoid all the headaches. Gain all the benefits. Learn how to hire people who can make you money like I do.

These sites may seem confusing if you have not used them before too. I know when I first used Rent A Coder it seemed confusing and I was unsure what to do. I will show you how they work and when you see how one works, you can confidently use all of them.

Don't be a victim like I was and lose $5,000.00. I can show you how to not only protect yourself from bad coders, but how to choose good coders and get the best deals on your projects. You can potentially save many times your investment on the first project you post.

Think about what it costs you to hire a coder who wastes 3 or 4 weeks of your time and then you have to hire another coder to start over when the first one stops responding to your messages. You may have saved $100 by hiring him but what has it cost you now? This does not mean you should pick a higher bid just because it is higher. There are many dishonest coders who post high bids just to catch someone who does not know any better. There have been many times when I picked a $50 coder over a $500 coder because I knew how to identify good coders and the $50 did the job I wanted, saving me $450. Hiring the mid priced or high priced coder is only a waste of money. You cannot assume that because someone is in the mid range or high range that they are better coders. My experience has shown that they are equally likely to be worse than the guy bidding $10. You must know how to hire the right coder, not pick a price because you think it is the right price for the work.

If you need to find a Ghostwriter or programmer, then you must know how the game works. If you do not, they will run over you and laugh as they spend your money and you get nothing.

I can show you how to hire or be hired:

  • web designers
  • programmers
  • ghostwriters
  • article writers
  • proof readers
  • hardware designers(circuits and circuit boards)
  • sculptors
  • graphic artists, Photoshop Guru's
  • voice over artists
  • and many more.

If you are a coder or writer, I will show you how to:

  • post a bid response that will get you hired
  • provide the type of service buyers want so you can be re-hired
  • show your skills so you stand out above other coders(it ain' t your resume either)


I have created a 2 part video course to help you as both a buyer and a seller of services on these sites.

If you are a worker then you will need to hire other workers in order to do bigger, higher paying projects and if you are a buyer, you need to know what to expect from a competent worker so you need both courses.

Outsourcing For Killer Profits - I have personally had custom software created for $50 which I could then sell for $20 a copy forever! The first program I ever used Rent-A-Coder to create cost me $200 and I have made about $400,000.00 from sales in the past few years!!! How is that for turnover. Yes, software and information are great commodities and have the most profit potential. But only if you can hire a decent worker to do a good job. In this video course I explain exactly how I identify good coders and avoid bad coders as well as other workers to do voice overs for my software and audio books, to edit videos for my training videos, to create flash presentations and much more.

I wrote this course myself and included everything I have learned about hiring experts.

These are the inside secrets of software and information product buyers. They can help coders, ghost writers and others seeking online employment because you will find out how to please buyers and how to post a good bid response that will get you hired.

Buyers are already reading this book and using my advice to decide who they will or will not hire.

This course explains how you can hire an expert for almost chickenfeed(that means very little money for you big city folk) and have them create your information product for you.

This is a complete course which will quickly and easily show you how you can hire programmers, web-designers, video editors, proof-readers, eBook authors, anyone you need. The advice is this video course is based on my own experience in the hiring and firing of hundreds of web experts. Learn how to hire the right expert, how to do it for the lowest cost and how to make sure you receive what you paid for.

Get Hired in 20 Minutes - So you are signed up at one of these hire-me/freelance sites. Now what? Are you bidding on jobs and not getting hired? Do you have to drop your price to pennies on the dollar before you can get hired at all? There is a good reason for this and I can show you exactly what you are doing wrong, how to do it right, and how to grab the high paying jobs you want on these freelance sites. There is a clear formula to bid responses and if you do not know what it is, you will never get the best jobs. This video course explains everything you need to know to be successful in any area on these websites. You can also signup for our Daily Tip Sheet which will give you additional employment information in the first few issues and give you additional ways to build skills you can sell on these sites which will expand your ability to find jobs farther than you ever imagined. In short, if you are using freelance sites and you have not seen this video course, you are missing out on a big chunk of the money pie.


This course set is NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!

They have now been combined in this special offer.



Wait, I know that if you are like me, hiring writers and coder's goes hand in hand. Let them write the manual, the review, whatever you need. So you need to know how to hire Ghostwriters specifically and I can help you there too. This new eBook has all the secrets to hiring a good ghostwriter including where to find them, what to look for in their history and responses, how to setup the terms so you keep all the rights to your products, pretty much how to do everything right.

If you have zero writing skill, or just simply do not want to write, you can hire a Ghostwriter and they will do everything for you. Now, let's make sure we are clear on this, you hire a ghostwriter, they do the work once, you sell the product forever and keep all of the money. Who would not like to run a business like that?

This eBook explains where to find Ghostwriters, how to make a deal with them, and how to get the best price for your project. What more can you ask for? This is it, the answer to your Ghostwriting problems.





Become a successful(and profitable) software developer now. Find out how to hire people to do your coding and writing at the best price who will also do the best job. Click the button below to save yourself from many hiring headaches and to find a successful coder or writer who can make you tons of money.

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Good Luck with your new programming or ghostwriting project,


PS: If you are serious about making money through hiring coders or writers or if you want to work in this field for the thousands of companies desperate to hire you, then I know you will not pass up this opportunity. You can benefit from my hundreds of jobs by using my experience to pick only the people who can make you money and avoiding those who waste your money and time. Click here to get both video courses plus the bonus ebook.


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